How to use segmentation in push notifications

  • Created : Nov, 14, 2019
  • Last Updated : Sep, 27, 2023

Why is segmentation important?

Segmentation is an important aspect of a marketing strategy. It is an integral ingredient without which a marketing campaign is incomplete. It enables a marketer to know its customers well by segregating them according to their behavioral traits, browsing actions, geographical location, and many other factors.

Segmentation helps in generating higher conversion rates. Segmentation can simplify the process of many marketing tools. A/B testing is one of them. You can test the content of a push campaign through segmentation. How ??


  • Firstly, send the campaign to a small segment.
  • See how they react to it.
  • Now analyze the results and if it’s positive send it to a larger audience.
Customer expectations from an e-commerce website :

The customer is the center of attraction of any marketing campaign. Having in-depth knowledge of your customers is the key to an ideal and successful campaign. Each customer is different in its own way. Thus providing each customer, what he requires becomes mandatory and difficult at the same time. Segmentation, however, makes it easy. Sending your user’s personalized messages actually delights the customer and improves the chances of conversions.

The main goal of any business is to :

  • Satisfy the customers.
  • Engage the customers.
What are the Different segmentation strategies to adopt while sending push notifications :

1. The segment on the basis of page visits: The most effective way to analyze user’s intentions is through their site behavior. You can engage a user through personalized push messages by analyzing the actions performed by them during a page visit.

Segment visitors on the basis of :
  • Visited URL
  • Referring URL
  • Search Keywords
  • Referral types
  • Query parameters

2. Segment on the basis of clicked elements: Want to know how users interacted with your landing pages?. Segment them on the basis of the clicked elements. This will help you in categorizing users on the basis of different click events.

clicked elements segmentation

  •  Cart abandonment.
  •  Engagement with specific CTA buttons.

3. A segment on the basis of subscribers properties: It is the easiest way of targeting users on the basis of the properties.

  • Operating system
  • Platform
  • Browser
  • User-agent.

4. Segment on the basis of geo-location: Now you can create a campaign and target the users of a specific region. You can easily segment your audience on the basis of countries and regions.  Also, you can include or exclude the regions as per your business requirements.

                                      segment on the basis of geo-location                                     

5. Segment on the basis of API and cookie: Push notification tools allow you to create your own customized segmentation. You can hire a developer who can segment your subscribers on the basis of your API variables. Also, you can manage it through the Cookie key and value pair stored by your website on the user’s browser.

 6.Segmentation on the basis of past purchases: You already have some loyal customers in your kitty who await the arrival of some sorted and attractive discounts. Push notification is a great tool to engage such customers. Send them seasonal and festive offers, maybe similar to the products they have already purchased in the past.

                                segmentation on past purchases

Segmentation plays a major role in serving your customers better through push notifications, than what they actually expect. A business can have a better focus on achieving its goals through proper segmentation.

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