Push notification Analytics - Terms definitions and formulas

  • Created : Oct, 21, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

How to analyze push notification report

Push notification report implies details of the marketing performance of push notifications. It gives insights about user interaction with push notifications, mobile applications & deliveries.


Let’s have a look at the push campaigns and their impact on user engagement, revenues, and conversions. You can evaluate it through the push overview section on the dashboard.

How to access the push overview section :

Let’s illustrate with the help of an image as given below :

1. Select the Date Range

Watch over the impact of push campaigns by selecting the date range. Also, you can view data analytics. i.e. clicks, conversions and revenues. Thus, you can examine the channel’s performance by applying the date filter. As seen in the image given below, you can alter the date ranges and see the required data.

time frame

2. Choose a data view

As shown in the image given below. You can check the campaign and channel’s performance in two ways

data view

3. Funnel view  

Evaluate the events ( deliveries, clicks, and failure) of the campaigns sent within a chosen time frame. Thereby, you can evaluate a channel’s performance. 

4. Events view

View the events of the campaign, sent before the specifically selected time span.

How to analyze push overview

The push overview section provides insights into customer engagement, conversions, and revenues. Get details about the generated revenue, added & engaged users, accessibility of your channel.  As seen in the image below, you can see the analytics of last 7 days.

push overview

Let’s have a detailed look at the above metrics :
  1. Reachability : You can know the number of users accessed through push notifications.Also, you can dissect the no.of users according to user device preferences.
  2. Newly subscribed users : Know  the no. of users, who have recently installed your app. You can further know the added users within a selected time frame.
  3. Engaged users : Implies the users who received the push notifications more then once, within a specific time frame.
  4. Generated revenue : Track the revenue generated from the conversions.Also, track it for the push campaigns within a chosen time span.
Campaign comparison

The overview section allows you to compare campaigns effectively. It lets you analyze the overall impact of your campaigns by choosing the campaign type. You can look into the deliveries, clicks and conversion rates for each campaign type. The only thing you need to do is to select the data view and the time frame for the push campaigns.

What are campaigns and what are its types :

Campaigns are the messages sent to users across various channels of their engagement. They are of following types :

  1. One-time
  2. Triggered
  3. Recurring
  4. Journey

Campaign comparison

As highlighted in the above image.  Analyze a push campaign by selecting the campaign type using the navigation bar.

The top panel section provides us insights to analyze the performance of the push as a channel.

The insights help us in determining the ROI and the survival ability of the users in the long run.

Let’s have a brief look at the key performance indicators in the top panel section :
  1. Campaigns : Know the number of campaigns sent under a specific campaign type and data view.
  2. Delivered campaigns : Determine the total no. of campaigns delivered to the user within the specific time stretch.
  3. Engaged users : Track the engaged users who have received at least one push campaign.
  4. No. of clicks : Reveals the percentage of users who clicked on the push campaign within a picked up time frame.
  5. Unique conversions : This signifies the rate at which the users clicked on the push campaign within the conversion time limit.
  6. Total revenue : This signifies the revenue generated from the total conversions.

Push notification

Hence, in the above image, you can get insights about the key metrics of all the campaigns.


Graphical representation defines the correlation between campaign Deliveries, Unique Clicks, and Unique Conversions.

Graphs represent the interrelationship between unique clicks, conversions and campaign deliveries. Represent data through graphical representation,i.e. fragmented into days. Hence, you can view the data for a campaign type under a specific period of time.

Push notification

Delivery Failure and uninstalled Cases

This section lets you know about the campaign failures and the app uninstallation. You can test the trends to know why the campaigns and notifications have undergone a failure. Also, you can analyze trends against days and devices on which it failed.

Engagement trends

Scrutinize the engagement trends for push notifications through this section. You can know the trends in the form of clicks and conversions.

  1. Know about the clicks for days & time: View the clicks for a time slot of a specific day.
  2. Know about conversions for days & time: View the conversions for a time duration for any day of the week.
  3. Know about clicks for a device type: Analyse the clicks for a mobile or tablet, which received the notifications.

All the above parameters describe the analysis of the push notification report.