Troubleshoot Images Not Loading In Push Notification

  • Created : Oct, 31, 2019
  • Last Updated : Apr, 21, 2021

Push notifications are the real time messages that are sent on a user’s device or browser. A brand can engage users by sending these notifications and achieve their marketing goals.

Push notifications generally contain images and messages. But sometimes these images cannot be loaded while sending to the users.

What could be the potential reasons behind images not being loaded in Push Notification :

Let’s have a look at the common issues :

1. Direct link to the image URLs

No redirect links are allowed while loading the notification image. Image URLs requires a direct link to the image. A direct link will have a file extension like jpg or png.

For example : If you are using the redirect link, the image won’t be uploaded.

But if you right click the image and open it in a new tab. The image will upload definitely.

2. Server issues

Sometimes the server that is hosting the images may went down or it might not handle the amount of downloads.

In such a case,every single device must download the notification while receiving the Notification. In such a situation,try hosting image on a dedicated server.

Web push images
  • In case you are receiving notification on an android.
  • In such a case, you will need to slide down on the notification to see the image.
Mobile push images

In case you are receiving notification on an ios and you are unable to see the images on ios notifications. It generally happens when the notification service extension for your app is not set up properly. Thus make sure that the set up docs which you used for notification service extension must be properly implemented.

How to troubleshoot ios Push Notification images :
  • Test another device,if image shows, then notification server extension is set up properly.
  • Make sure that the attachment URL is a direct link to the image or video. It must not be a part of HTML page.
  • Also,the image won’t appear. If the attachment is taking more than 30 seconds to download. In such a case ios will cancel the notification service and the image won’t be uploaded in the notification.
  • Make sure the size of the attachment is appropriate.
  • Make sure your URL is HTTPs. HTTP urls will not work until and unless you set NS App transport security to NS allowed arbitrary loads in your X-code .plist.